What we do

As leaders in the sales and merchandising industry we provide the meaningful link between consumer and product. Our goal is to optimise ROI by providing engaging services across the
country which innovate and improve the customer experience. We bridge the gap between customer expectations and outcomes through careful data analysis around pricing, on-shelf availability, store environment, store service and execution.

The Activator Effect


Every merchandising and sales strategy is carefully crafted to highlight your POD and maximise results.


Work alongside a leading national team of channel and retail experts who balance accountability with care.


Utilising the latest in technology and analytics for speed and agility when it comes to getting your products on the shelf.

Discover our range of services


We provide highly personalised sales and merchandising programs catered specifically to your unique offering. The retail industry today requires nimble operators and those who can deliver data-focused merchandising strategies. We provide the flexibility the bigger players don’t, whilst still offering world class service and accountability.

Initiating a new product into a market requires excitement and celebration while facilitating understanding. Our carefully prepared product launches and ongoing management are created with a deep understanding of your goals and long-term vision to raise product awareness and advocacy.

Supply Chain Planners

As an extension of your business we ensure that sales are always optimised through addition and deletion of stock, scheduled replenishment plans, promotional ordering, ongoing review of daily orders, monitoring of in-stock levels and maintaining budget through in-stock targets. We work closely with all retailers to streamline channels and ensure crystal clear communication and efficiency.

Aligning and improving forecast accuracies allows us to plan ahead and collaborate with planning and replenishment teams, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Field Sales Team

Every Activators’ Field Sales Team Member has an innate understanding of what is required to generate leading results. Through high store frequency and impeccable long-term store relationships they will elevate your brand objectives every time they walk in the door.

These passionate and skilled individuals work tirelessly to improve your business range, space and category performance, whilst also focusing on speed to market and use of leading technology to make the whole process as streamlined and transparent as possible.

Brand Ambassadors

We create passionate advocates for your brand through our extensive training methods. We instil innovative ideas and techniques to promote selling, networking and professionalism in any workplace. Bringing meaning and purpose to the process, we are able to improve selling etiquette and encourage behaviour that translates to growth for your business. 

Stock Management / Replenishment

We specialise in providing strategic development and design solutions which place your business in the prime position for maximised sales. With consideration for all stakeholders, we focus on On-Shelf Availability as priority and our expert team work closely with you to understand your unique needs. Creation of custom build planograms as well as executing and managing store fit-outs are all managed for maximum results.

With a strong focus on increased collaboration, we also house experienced Vendor Replenishment Planners (VRPs) and Integrated Supply Planners (ISPs) to ensure inventory is efficiently and effectively managed by operating as the key interface between Sales, Supply Chain and replenishment function. In short, our team are in-store when and where you need them so that your product is front and centre every time it matters.

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